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Last Updated: 6/29/2022 11:17:37 AM

Previous SEL Number: 06CP-01-MOBL

Description: Mobile radio equipment, deployed in/on vehicles, or can also be deployed as temporary base stations.

ImportantFeatures: Digital or analog capable.
Encryption capability.
Supports 12.5KHz channels (6.25KHz channels are becoming available).
Supports conventional or trunked systems.
Project 25 compatible (136-512, 800 MHz, 900MHz).
Project 25 required within 700MHz.
Multi-band, GPS/GLONASS, Bluetooth, Over The Air Reprogramming/rekeying (OTAR). TDMA Phase 2, FDMA Phase 1. Wifi (802.11 B/G/N)

Operating Considerations: See 47 CFR 90 FCC for applicable standard. When utilizing as a 'temporary' base station, consider programming needs and capabilities.
Consider power supplies, antenna needs, safety of users.
Consider FIPS compliance if planning to interface with Federal Government resources.
Check compatibility of encryption features - not all encryption schemes are compatible. Multiple options are available, including ADP, AES, DES, DES-XL, DES-OFB, DVPXL; WIFI security: WPA2 WPA WEP. However, less expensive approaches such as ADP will not meet Federal grant requirements for compliance with the P25/AES standard. Also, DES and its variants are now considered to be insecure for many applications. In recent years, DES has been superseded by the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and DES has been withdrawn as a standard by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (formerly the National Bureau of Standards). For encrypted interoperability, AES encryption is the only encryption that meets the P25 type 3 encryption standards for interoperability communications.
When implementing encryption, consider encryption key management, including encryption key generation, management, and rotation.

Training Requirements: Core Training: Per Manufacturer's Specifications
Initial Training: Minimal (<1 day)
Sustainment Training: Minimal (<1 day)

Mandatory Standards:

Applicable Standards and References:

  • HazMat: Response Team
  • Law Enforcement: Forensic Technician
  • Law Enforcement: K-9
  • Law Enforcement: Maritime
  • Law Enforcement: Mobile Field Force
  • Law Enforcement: Preventive Rad/Nuc Detection
  • Law Enforcement: SWAT/Tactical Team
  • Medical: Point of Dispensing