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SEL Number: 06CP-01-HFRQ
Title: Radio, High Frequency (HF) Single Sideband

Last Updated: 11/25/2018 3:50:24 PM

Previous SEL Number: 06CP-01-HFRQ

Description: High frequency (HF) single sideband communications equipment.

ImportantFeatures: Deployable antenna systems.
Automatic Link Establishment (ALE).
Automatic email option available.

Operating Considerations: Long range communication.
May require large antenna system (65 feet typical, 35 feet minimum).
Special knowledge area - beyond most common user level training.
Requires special licensing.

Training Requirements: Core Training: Per Manufacturer's Specifications
Initial Training: Moderate (1-2 days)
Sustainment Training: Moderate (1-2 days)

Mandatory Standards:

Applicable Standards and References:

  • Law Enforcement: Forensic Technician
  • Law Enforcement: Maritime
  • Law Enforcement: Preventive Rad/Nuc Detection
  • Law Enforcement: SWAT/Tactical Team