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SEL Number: 01ZA-06-VEST
Title: Vest or Outer Garment, High-visibility

Last Updated: 6/7/2016 9:52:58 PM

Previous SEL Number: 01ZA-06-VEST

Description: High-visibility vest or outer garment (certified as compliant with either ANSI /ISEA 107 or ANSI /ISEA 207).

ImportantFeatures: ANSI /ISEA 107 specifies three different types of high-visibility safety apparel, and defines four different classes of apparel based on the intended use and activity of the wearer relative to ambient lighting and traffic speeds.
Type O is for off-road use and is associated with visibility Class 1 as the lowest class.
Type R is for use around roadways.
Type P is for public safety applications (such as law enforcement and emergency medical operations). Type P safety apparel requires less background material.
Both Class 2 and Class 3 are associated with each type, with Class 3 providing the greatest visibility. Differences in the classes are based on the relative amount of background (fluorescent) and retroreflective materials. Fluorescent materials are intended for daytime visibility, while retroreflective materials enhance wearer visibility at night. ANSI /ISEA 107 also specifies design requirements for the placement of reflective materials on clothing items. Fluorescent materials may be yellow-green, orange-red, or red.
The previous ANSI /ISEA 207 has been incorporated into the new edition of ANSI /ISEA 107 as Type P safety apparel.

Operating Considerations: If worn, an outer high-visibility garment or vest should be selected so as to not interfere with the wearing of the ensemble. For ANSI /ISEA 107 garments, the appropriate class should be chosen based on the guidance provided in Appendix B.

NOTE: The requirements of 23 CFR 634, updated as of 24 November 2008, mandate that ANSI /ISEA 107 Class 2 or Class 3 apparel be worn by all workers within the right-of-way of a Federal-aid highway if they are exposed to traffic or construction equipment.

Training Requirements: Core Training: DOT/NIJ/ANSI 207.
Initial Training: Minimal (<1 day)
Sustainment Training: Minimal (<1 day)

Mandatory Standards:

Applicable Standards and References:

  • HazMat: Response Team
  • Law Enforcement: Forensic Technician
  • Law Enforcement: Mobile Field Force
  • Law Enforcement: Mounted Patrol
  • Law Enforcement: SWAT/Tactical Team
  • Medical: Point of Dispensing
  • Mass Care / Shelter
  • REL: Full Canadian Recommended Equipment List
  • REL: LOS-1, Multi-Agency Intervention
  • REL: LOS-2, Scout/Reconnaissance Mission
  • REL: LOS-3, Suspicious Powder Response
  • REL: LOS-4, Evac and Perimeter Control
  • REL: LOS-5, Emergency Washdown