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Last Updated: 3/19/2020 11:56:21 AM

Previous SEL Number: 01AR-03-PAPD

Description: CS/CN Canisters for Item 01AR-03-PAPR. Note that NIOSH approves complete respirator systems, including specific canister(s). Only canisters identified as part of the approved PAPR configuration for routine use should be purchased. See the NIOSH NPPTL Certified Equipment List for details.


Operating Considerations:

Training Requirements:

Mandatory Standards:

Applicable Standards and References:

  • HazMat: Response Team
  • Law Enforcement: Forensic Technician
  • Law Enforcement: Maritime
  • Law Enforcement: Mobile Field Force
  • Law Enforcement: SWAT/Tactical Team
  • Mortuary Operations
  • REL: Full Canadian Recommended Equipment List
  • REL: LOS-1, Multi-Agency Intervention
  • REL: LOS-2, Scout/Reconnaissance Mission