The Canadian Recommended Equipment List

The Equipment SubGroup of the IAB is proud to have collaborated with the Technical Committee responsible for establishing the Recommended Equipment List (REL) for Canadian emergency responders. This Technical Committee includes seven national associations representing police, fire and emergency medical services. These associations committed to the project in the interest of ensuring that Canadian operational expertise is integrated into the document so that it is a practical and ready resource to emergency first responder organizations and the Canadian communities they serve.

The Technical Committee worked closely with the IAB to ensure maximum congruence between the lists, while ensuring that the REL meets the particular needs of Canadian responders. The REL utilizes the same nomenclature as the IAB's Standardized Equipment List (SEL), including the item numbering scheme. The interactive SEL on this site includes Mission Specific SubLists (MSSLs) that detail the items shared with the REL, and also show the special Levels of Support defined in the REL.

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