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Last Updated: 2/29/2016 5:06:07 PM

Previous SEL Number: 02EX-00-TCVV

Description: Containment vessels (including vented, total containment (TCV), and transport), for containment, transportation, and temporary storage of explosives, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), Home Made Explosives (HMEs), ammunition, suspicious packages, or other CBRNE devices. Also includes trailer for transporting vessel.

ImportantFeatures: Capable of containing, venting, or neutralizing an explosive device.

Operating Considerations: May only be purchased by an FBI-Accredited Bomb Squad. For information on establishing new bomb squad programs, agencies should contact the Special Agent Bomb Technician in the nearest FBI Office or call directly to the FBI Program Manager at the Hazardous Devices School, (256) 842-1721.

Training Requirements: Core Training: Hazardous Devices School, Redstone Arsenal, AL
Initial Training: Extensive (>2 days)
Sustainment Training: Extensive (>2 days) with 3-yr recertification rqt

Mandatory Standards:

Applicable Standards and References:

  • Law Enforcement: Bomb Squad
  • REL: Full Canadian Recommended Equipment List
  • REL: LOS-1, Multi-Agency Intervention