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Last Updated: 9/23/2018 9:37:09 PM

Previous SEL Number: 01ZA-06-HYDR

Description: Personal hydration system.

ImportantFeatures: Hydration system is generally a bladder that may offer physical resistance or is incorporated into a carrier with straps that can be worn with different ensembles. The system has a drink tube with a cap. The materials used for water containment and drinking must be rated for potable water.

Operating Considerations: Some systems are not compatible with APRs. If this device is going to be used as and integrated item with respiratory protective equipment, then the device must have been included in the NIOSH approval. Organizations should consult with the NIOSH Approved Equipment List for the CBRN SCBA or CBRN APR.
Sanitizing and care of these items must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer recommendations.

Training Requirements: Initial Training: Minimal (<1 day)
Sustainment Training: Minimal (<1 day)

Mandatory Standards:

Applicable Standards and References:

  • Responder Safety: Infectious Diseases
  • HazMat: Response Team
  • Law Enforcement: Bomb Squad
  • Law Enforcement: Forensic Technician
  • Law Enforcement: Mobile Field Force
  • Law Enforcement: Preventive Rad/Nuc Detection
  • Law Enforcement: SWAT/Tactical Team
  • REL: Full Canadian Recommended Equipment List
  • REL: LOS-1, Multi-Agency Intervention
  • REL: LOS-2, Scout/Reconnaissance Mission
  • REL: LOS-3, Suspicious Powder Response
  • REL: LOS-4, Evac and Perimeter Control
  • REL: LOS-5, Emergency Washdown