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SEL Number: 01AR-04-APEC
Title: Respirator, Escape, Air-Purifying, Single-Use, CBRN, with CO Option

Last Updated: 7/8/2022 12:22:21 PM

Previous SEL Number: 01AR-04-APEC

Description: CBRN Air-Purifying Escape Respirator (APER) designed for escape from hazardous environments, including carbon monoxide (certified by NIOSH as compliant with the CBRN approval criteria).

ImportantFeatures: Quick donning, short duration respiratory protection with CBRN protection against chemicals, biological agents, and radiological particles FOR ESCAPE PURPOSES ONLY. Air-purifying respirators operate by filtering, and have no internal air supply.

Operating Considerations: NOTE: Not approved for escape from oxygen-deficient (<19.5%) environments.

NIOSH has listed the following limitations:
1. Failure to properly use and maintain this product could result in injury or death.
2. All approved respirators shall be selected, fitted, used, and maintained in accordance with MSHA, OSHA, and other applicable regulations.
3. Refer to User's Instructions and/or maintenance manuals for information on use and maintenance of these respirators.
4. Consult manufacturer's User Instructions for information on the use, storage, and maintenance of these respirators at various temperatures.
5. This respirator provides respiratory protection against inhalation of radiological and nuclear dust particles. This respirator provides limited dermal protection to the head area and eyes.
6. Some CBRN agents may not present immediate effects from exposure, but can result in delayed impairment, illness, or death.
7. Direct contact with CBRN agents requires proper handling of the respirator after use. Correct disposal procedures must be followed.
These limitations are not all inclusive. The respirator manufacturer may also identify further cautions and limitations for their respirators. In addition, regulatory agencies may also place a limit on the use of respirators in their standards.

Training Requirements: Core Training: NFPA 470, Chapter 6, 8, 10 as applicable, OSHA 1910.120, OSHA 1910.134, NFPA 1404, and Manufacturer's User Instructions.
Initial Training: Minimal (<1 day)
Sustainment Training: Minimal (<1 day)

Mandatory Standards:

Applicable Standards and References:

  • Law Enforcement: Aviation
  • Law Enforcement: Maritime